Viewing Your Data

To view a list of your users, click on the Users tab on the left.


The default list displays all records with a completed status, for all user types and a small selection of data fields.


At the top of the Users page there is the option to search for specific records.

Type your criteria in the box and click on the magnifying glass or press Enter to search.

You can search by First Name, Last Name and Company Name.

You can narrow your search further by selecting a specific User Status from the drop down menu. This could be useful if you want to only see those whose registrations are complete or those who require approval for example.

User Types

You can select which user types you want to view.

Click User Types on the top bar and you will see a list of all the attendee types in your event.

Tick the user types you want to view and then click Apply Now.

Your data will be displayed accordingly.

Data Filters

You can use data filters to display only specific records.

Click Data Filters on the top bar.

To add a new filter, click Add Filter.

Select the field you want to use from the drop down list. You will then be shown some additional options to select the criteria you want to use to filter on this field.

Click Add This Filter and it will appear at the top of the box.

Your data will automatically be sorted according to this criteria.

If you want to set additional criteria, add more fields in the same way.

You can edit filters by clicking the notepad icon.

You can remove filters by clicking the bin icon.

To remove all filters, click Clear Filters and this will return the data list to its unfiltered state.

Data Fields

Click Data Fields on the top bar and you will see a list of all the data fields you have in your event.

To set the the fields you want to see, click and drag the fields between the columns.

You can change the order the fields display in by dragging them to the position you want.

Click Apply Now to view the data.

Sort Order

You can sort the data to appear in any order you want, e.g. alphabetical order by surname or date registered.

Click Sort Order on the top bar to specify your sort criteria.

To set the field you want to sort by, click and drag the fields between the columns.

Click on the arrow to change whether the data is shown in ascending or descending order.

Click Apply Now to view the data.

Set as Default

If you want the Users page to always show the same settings each time, click Set as Default on the top bar.

You will be asked to confirm that you want to update the defaults. If you want to include your data filters in this, tick the box. 

Click Update Defaults to save your settings.

Store as Report

To store the filtered and sorted data as a report that you can access again, click Store as Report on the top bar.

Name your report and specify a folder if you want to by typing in the fields.

Only you will be able to see this report. If you want other administrators who have access to your event to see the report, tick the box to allow this.

You can also tick the box to add this report to your list of favourites.

Click Store as Report.

Your report will appear in the Reports tab.


You can download your data from MemberReference.

Click Download on the top bar.

Name your file and select which format you would like (either CSV or XLSX).

If you have 2 factor authentication enabled on your MemberReference account, you will need to enter the key for this to complete the download. This is an extra layer of security for your data.

Click Download and your data will be downloaded to your computer.

Last updated: 10/11/2020