Add and Link Products

Products can be used in two ways:

  1. As a list of items that can be added to a shopping basket.
  2. As a subscription product that will be billed periodically.

Adding Products

Click on Settings in the menu on the left.

Select Products.

Click Add Product.

  • Product Name - This will appear in the basket and on the summary.
  • Product Short Name - You can also enter a short name if you want, which will appear on your reports instead of the full product name.
  • Gross Price - Enter price, including tax.
  • Tax Rate - Select the tax rate you are using from the dropdown and then click Calculate.  The amount of tax will be displayed in the Tax Amount box.
  • Active - Ensure this is ticked (it should be by default) so that your product is available to use.
  • Catalogue Item - To have the product displayed in a list for selection, tick this box.
  • Only Show For - If you only want to allow certain attendee types to buy the product, tick the boxes next to the relevant ones (catalogue items only). This does not link a product to an attendee type - see the next section for how to do this.
  • Display Order - To have your products display in a specific order, enter the required number in the box.
  • Product Type - Tick this if your product is a subscription product and will be billed periodically.

You can add price lists to your products to allow prices to automatically change on a set date.

Click Save.

If your products are sessions that require days, times and capacities, you can use the booking module to specify these. Click here to see how.

Linking Products

If you need to have a cost associated with an attendee type (for example a registration fee), you need to link the relevant product to that attendee type.

To do this, select User Types from the menu on the left.

Double click on the user type you want to edit.

Click on the Payments tab.

Select which product you want to link to the user type. If you don't want to link any products leave this set to No Linked Product.

If you also have a list of other products (catalogue items) that will be displayed to the user, select whether you want this to appear before or after they complete the registration form.  If you have no other catalogue items, leave this set to No.

N.B. You cannot link a catalogue product as a main product. To have a product in both places, you need to create two products; one with the catalogue option unticked (this is the one you should link) and one with it ticked (this will appear in the list).

You can also select which payment gateways you want to associate with this user type.

Click Save.

Do the same for any other user types you need to link products to.

Last updated: 12/11/2020