Importing Members

First, save your data. MemberReference can import data saved as a .csv file type, however, to ensure any foreign characters are preserved and correctly imported, we recommend that you use Unicode Text (.txt).

Click on the Data Import tab on the left.

Click Upload a Spreadsheet.

Click Choose File and then select the file you just saved.

Click Import File.

You will be shown a message which asks whether you want to import the data now or later. Selecting Import Now will take you straight to the next step; Import Later will upload the spreadsheet but save it to complete the rest of the import process at a later date, or by someone else.

On the next page you will map the data fields in your spreadsheet to those in EventReference.  The system will match what it can; you can change those or map any it doesn't get by clicking on the drop down list and selecting the relevant field.

If your data has a unique ID (recommended), map this to Foreign ID (Must be unique).

If you are importing into a data field which has choices, (e.g. Country), you will be given an extra button. You must click this and follow the extra step, otherwise data may not be imported into this field.

Click Map Choices.

The system will match what it can for you.  For any choices that it can't match, you will see the red Ignore this choice text. Click on this and select the option you want the choice to match to. If you leave this as 'Ignore this choice', that choice will not be imported at all.

Click Confirm Choice Mappings when you have finished mapping your choices.

You can check what a column of data contains by clicking on Preview Data.

If you are using a column with attendee types in, you should make sure that this is mapped to the 'Attendee Type' field in MemberReference. Then, in the Attendee Type drop down at the bottom, select Use Attendee Type column from Spreadsheet.

If all your data is for one attendee type, you can simply select this type from the dropdown.

Select the status you want the records to have from the Delegate Status dropdown. This will usually be Registration Complete however, if you are importing data to send a Smart Form, this needs to be Incomplete Imported Pre-registration.

Once you are happy that everything is mapped as you want it, click Import File.

If you have selected Use Attendee Type column from Spreadsheet, you will have another step to complete.

Match your attendee types, so that your data is imported into the correct place. The system will match what it can for you.  For any that it can't match, you will need to select the corresponding type from the list.

If you need to add another attendee type, you can do so from this screen. Enter the name into the box and click Add New Attendee Type.

Once you have mapped your attendee types, click Confirm Type Mappings.

You will then be shown a message asking to confirm you want to import the data.

Click OK and your data will be imported.

The next screen will show you the progress of the import.  Once the import is complete, you will see the status Imported, Confirmed.


Use Unicode Text format to ensure any foreign characters are imported.

If there is a unique ID, it is best practice to import this.

Remember to go through the Map Choices option otherwise some could be missed and may not be imported.

Last updated: 10/11/2020