Set up your Membership Registration in 60 Seconds

To create a new event, click Create New Database.

Add the name for your database and select whether your registration is to be Free or Paid.

In the Look & Feel tab, upload your header graphic, if you are using one by pressing Upload New Image and selecting the file you want.

You can also change the Database URL to make it relevant.

If you have selected the option for paid membership, you can set your default currency and tax rate in the Payments tab.

In the Details tab, press Create New User Type to add user types such as member, international member, etc., and press Save.

Select Create new data field to add any extra data fields you need, and press Save.

Press Next to move to the Messages tab. Here you can customise the on-screen confirmation messages which your users will see once they've completed the registration form, and the confirmation email they will be sent. Once edited, click Next.

And you're done! Simply tick the box to make your registration live and press Create Event to create your event registration form.

To see your live registration form, press Registration Sites from the left sidebar menu and press Live.

Last updated: 10/11/2020