Communicating with Members

Sending an individual email

To send a single email to a user, first make sure you have set up the email in Content Management and then click on Users on the left.

Find the user you want and then double click to open their record.

From the options on the left, select Send E-mail and then select the email you want to send from the dropdown list.

Click Send.

The selected email will be sent to that user.

Sending an eblast

Start by setting up the email that you want to send.

The first thing you need to do is create and store a report containing all the people who are to receive the email.

Click on Users and use the options and filters to get the data you need.

Store the data as a report.

Select E-Blasts from the menu on the left.

Click Create New E-Blast.

Type a title for the e-blast (this is for your reference), select Bulk Email from the Message Type dropdown, select the report that is to be used and select the email content to be sent from the dropdown lists.

Click Save.

You will then see the screen listing all the E-Blasts you have created.

Double click on the E-Blast name.

You will need to generate the E-Blast before you can send it. Click Generate.

Confirm that you want to generate the E-Blast by typing 'CONFIRM' in the box as directed.

A message will be displayed which tells you how many records have been added. You will then see the list of recipients for the email blasts.

Click Send.

Confirm that you want to send the email by typing 'CONFIRM' in the box as directed.

You will be shown a message which tells you that 'the e-blast is now queued for sending'.

The next screen shows you the progress of your E-Blast and when it is finished, you will see that it has the status 'Complete'.

Last updated: 10/11/2020